SFPD Incidents Involving Methamphetamine by Area, Last 90 Days

You can scroll back 90 days (click and drag the date bands - e.g., try dragging the top band to the right as the data band should be centered on today's date and future dates won't yet contain data), move and zoom in/out on the map, etc. The slightly lighter area in the second band indicates the week you're looking at, and the incidents you see are for that week.

Each point represents a reported incident in which the word "methamphetamine" appeared in the incident description. These are typically reported as possession or sale of methamphetamine. There is usually a lag of two weeks for reporting these incidents, so there may not be many incidents shown over the past two weeks. The raw data is (available here).

This visualization makes use of timemap.js, a Javascript library for use of SIMILE timelines on online maps.

Based on SFPD statistics last updated: Mon Nov 13 14:59:11 2017 (UTC)